Instructions for Resetting Forgotten Passwords



Follow these steps to reset a forgotten password.  By following this procedure, your password will be updated for ERIE’s network, mainframe and Outlook systems. If at any point you need assistance, contact the ERIE Service Desk toll free at 1-800-458-0811 ext. 2505, option 3.


Step-by-step procedure

1. Enter your login ID or user name in lowercase letters in the User Name field but do not enter a password. Single click the “Forgot Your Password?” link.



2. Single click the Self-Authenticate and Change Password link.



3. Answer the three identification questions correctly in lowercase letters and single click Apply.



4. If the Password and Confirm fields contain any characters, delete that text.  Enter a New Password in the password field and retype it in the Confirm field. Password requirements:

a)    Contain 7 or 8 characters.

b)    Contain at least 1 lowercase letter (a,b,c)

c)    Contain at least 1 uppercase letter (A,B,C)

d)    Contain at least 1 numeric character (1,2,3)


Keep the checkmark in Apply changes to accounts. Then, single click apply.



5. Upon a successful password change, close the confirmation window and the eTrust window to exit the Web site.



6. If you are an Employee, hold down CTRL + ALT + Delete and single click Lock Computer. Sign onto the lock screen with your new password to finish the password change.

    If you are an Agent, your password change process is completed.